you’re looking at $5 – anti-poverty chef challenge

>Red Cross has launched a pocket-size collection of $5 recipes for families struggling to get by in Queensland, to mark Anti-Poverty Week which runs from 17 to 23 October 2010.

‘Many of the people we work with, including young families and the elderly, face times when they struggle to put a meal on the table,’ said Australian Red Cross spokesperson Anna Boyce. ‘The idea behind the $5 recipe booklet is to give a little bit of inspiration to people confronted by poverty, offering meals that can be created out of the smallest of budgets. ‘Australia-wide it is estimated around 5% of people experience times when they have no food and no money to purchase food,’ said Anna Boyce. ‘Everyone has the right to food, shelter, healthcare and the basic necessities – we work with the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Australia and around the world to help improve quality of life.’

Hundreds of copies of the ‘You’re looking at $5′ recipe booklet will be given to Red Cross’ Queensland clients for Anti-Poverty Week. The booklet’s 16 recipes – which were submitted by staff, volunteers and members of the public – all cost $5 or less to make, and include Red Lentil Soup, Spicy Mexican Beans, Succotash and Deluxe Porridge. The booklet includes recipes and an introduction by former Masterchef contestant and Brisbane local Sharnee Rawson. ‘Anti-Poverty Week is a time to build public understanding about the causes and consequences of poverty and hardship around the world and in Australia. It’s also a chance to encourage research, discussion and action to tackle poverty,’ said Anna Boyce.

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