>maldini hobart

>47 Salamanca Place Hobart

Dinner with colleagues in Hobart led us on a quiet Tuesday night to Salamanca Place. Usually buzzing at the weekend, most places were still doing a fairly brisk business in the early evening, but we chose the one with most diners in.

With a good view of the open kitchen and some friendly wait staff, we settled in for the evening. The frequently opening main door proved a little chilly at times but there were no other seating options. Plenty of wines by the glass was a help to the white wine drinkers, and Don and I chose a nice Rufus Stone shiraz to warm us up.

The bruschetta we ordered to share for starters were lovely – lots of flavour and fresh. I hardly ever order risotto in a restaurant but I couldn’t go past the chicken risotto: it was hearty, flavoursome and generous in size. I ate slowly and enjoyed every mouthful. Julie’s wallaby looked lovely and she attested to its tenderness.

With a bill of $210 in total, I am not sure it was great value despite the fact that the food was very good. The wine was $50 in total so that is $40 a head for four people. Nothing to complain about but given we only had two bruschetta to share for starters, it seems a little steep. Nonetheless, a pleasant dining experience overall.

One thought on “>maldini hobart

  1. >Unfortunately a fairly common characeristic of restaurants in Hobart IMHO. Excellent food, but generally do not represent value for money.The Drunken Admiral in Hobart was always a favourite, but expensive. The Astor Grill always used to be good as well.

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