middle fish

A challenge accepted and executed meant a free lunch, and so it was that I found myself strolling into Middle Fish last Friday lunchtime with The Pringler (yes, she is a bad guy from a Batman movie).

Although this place is only a few blocks from the office, my cool-radar is obviously on the blink because I’d not come across it. In my defence, the past few months has seen me eat more in Qantas Clubs around the country than in funky new eateries in Carlton, but there you go.

It was packed full before 12.30 on a Friday and we bagged two high stools by a bar under the window. The place looked and felt more like a larger version of Seven Seeds nearby.

The Thai breakfast dishes are served all day, but I went for a beef larp and Pringler ordered a tofu and vegetable curry.

Food came out quickly but not together. My larp was delicious but I could have done with a tiny bit more vegetable and a little less beef. I know some reviewers have complained about the excess liquid on this dish but that’s the way I like it so I was happy. Pringler’s meal was fragrant and fresh-looking, and would definitely tempt me to go fully vegetarian on a future visit.

Not sure I would choose a barstool to eat from on my next visit, as I felt a little rushed overall just because of the seating.

I will probably go back a few times to properly peruse the menu and try a few Thai breakfast choices, and the tempting-looking chocolate brownies on display at the counter, but on first visit I believe this is a great addition to the Carlton scene and I will be back.

Being unlicensed, coffee is about as strong as you can get in this place at the moment, but I believe they are working on their alcohol licence and evening opening hours.

122-128 Berkeley St
03 9348 1704  (and on Facebook)

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