five memorable meals – are you in?

>At dinner a few weeks ago with Sam, Amanda and Mena, our conversation revolved around food and its significance in our lives. We recalled memorable meals with family or friends, favourite restaurants, unusual or particularly good food in far-flung places when travelling.

Our conversation sparked further thoughts in my head about how food has such a strong place in our memories, connecting us with significant events, people or moments in our lives.

So I would like you to have a think about the five (or so) most memorable meals you have had in your life, and why you think they hold such a special place in your memory. It could be a simple rustic lunch of bread and cheese on a park bench on the side of the road in France, or your first Michelin-starred dinner as a proper grown-up. It could be alone when travelling on business, or in the heart of your family at Christmas or on a birthday. It could be home-cooked, shop-bought or served in an eatery. The link is its significance to you.

I think the trick might be not to think too much about it. What are the first images (or aromas, or tastes) that go through your head when you think about this? These are probably the places to start.

I shall deliberate upon my own list this week and share with you here on this blog. In the meantime have a think about your list, then either write a post on your own blog, or a note on your Facebook page, and make sure you share a link with me so I can collate all the responses. Or email me if you wish and I can add your list to my blog.

Just jot down a few words about when and where the meal took place, who you were with (if anybody), what you ate (which can be in detail or very brief, depending on how you are remembering it) and why you think this particular event is so memorable to you. Be as brief or as lengthy as you can: it’s the stories you are telling that I am interested in.


One thought on “five memorable meals – are you in?

  1. >This one has taken me a long, long time to think about but I reckon I've come up with three.1. Oceana, New York. This was our first wedding anniversary and it was during the time that I had a brief spell living in New York. Fi was still working full time so came over for the long weekend. I remember referring to Zagats to find the best seafood restaurant in the whole of Manhattan and we were certainly not disappointed. Absolutely superb.2. Brown's, London. Our first long (very long) lunch together and also our first proper date. Took the whole afternoon and I remember everything about it : what we were both wearing, what we ate, even down to remembering the pianist on the grand piano. The start of something life-changing !!3. XXX, Milan. Can't remember the name of the restaurant (it's opposite Prada just near La Duomo) but we were in Milan for my 30th birthday. Fi was pregnant at the time which meant she wasn't able to enjoy the fine wine (a Pommard if memory serves me correctly). But I just remember thinking how traditional the whole thing was. Copious amounts of waiters in starched suits and waistcoats tending to your every need. And the most incredible food imaginable. Every bit as good as any Michelin starred restaurant I've been to.I'll see if I can think up another 2 for the list.

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