>Wine Blogging Wednesday: WBW#26

>I was on vacation for the first opportunity to get involved with this, so my sister Mena obliged.

As I prefer white wine and as there was no chance of even sampling something nice from Long Island (I’m in Australia), I decided to go with an Italian white.

There were a total of TWO Italian wines at my local bottle shop !! That is to say that they actually came from Italy – we’re very lax in our descriptions over here and there were quite a number of “Italian” wines. They were both around the same price – the same price I paid for a box of six bottles of locally grown cleanskin chardonnay by the way – and didn’t seem noticeably different, so I picked the one in the prettiest bottle.

The wine I selected was :
Vino Prizzante
Mellow White Wine
8.5% Alc./Vol.

The description on the bottle said : “The semi sweet white wine generously rich and full with a delightful clean aftertaste : the ideal companion for good food and every happy occasion”.

By the time Wednesday came around I was looking forward to enjoying my nicely chilled bottle of choice with some Garlic Chilli Prawns and a Greek salad.

Boy was I disappointed !!! First thing I noticed was how light the colour was (think water) and that it seemed to be slightly effervescent. “Okaaay – refreshing” I thought and took an initial swig. Let me describe the taste like this …… you know the really cheap sickly sweet Asti Spumante that you swigged by the neck in secret before High School dances (or was that just me) ? … think sweeter, sicklier !! Think molasses mixed with water in a bottle !!

I had to leave it alone that night … it was ruining the taste of my prawns … but I tried it again the next day with the same result. Then not wanting to give up, I left it to try again as an afternoon drink with lunch on Saturday, which somehow didn’t seem so bad.

I can’t say what else it tasted of because the treacle/molasses/sugar taste overrode every other taste.

If this wine were a tree it would be a sugar plum.

As far as I am concerned this wine would only be nice if used as an addition to trifle.

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