good life modern organic pizza

good life modern organic pizza
150 Hutt Street, Adelaide

A working lunch with colleagues in Adelaide took us to this amazing pizza place around the corner from our offices.

Unusual and traditional pizza toppings included my choice of hot salami, fresh chilli, fresh mozarella and basil.


My colleagues chose a roast chicken pizza served with hunks of freshly-roasted chicken and roast potatoes, and the “SNG” which was a vegetarian mix of Singapore-spiced aubergine and other fresh produce.

Although not large, these pizzas are delicious, filling and clearly made with love. I would say that this was by far the tastiest  pizza I have eaten for a number of years.

Other friends advise that not all branches of this small chain serve up food that is quite as good, but in the case of the Hutt Street branch, this is now up there with Rigoni’s as my favourite place to eat in Adelaide.

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cork wine cafe

cork wine cafe
61a Gouger Street, Adelaide
08 8410 0645

A pre-night-market drink with Noela took us to Cork Wine Cafe, a cosy little wine bar right in the centre of the market precinct in Adelaide. We sat on chocolate leather banquettes surrounded by cushions and friendly patrons, sipping Some Young Punks shiraz from enormous wine glasses and listening to rare groove on the stereo.

The people next to us had a pâté grazing plate, which would have tempted us had we not already made dinner plans.

I have read some reviews citing pretty bad service, but we were treated well by two friendly staff. Certainly worth a second visit.


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